​ Our Strategy

The Institute has its higher level strategy spearheaded by the IPS board, wh​ich is a collaborative venture with its strategic higher education partners: The University of Malta (UOM) and MCAST.  This tripartite platform provides the possibility for a quantum leap to transform the Institute into an academy of the Public Service. The members of the IPS Board a​​​​​​​​re drawn from institutions of higher learning, from industry, and from the public service itself.  


The Institute is set to ensure that all training delivery reflects the standards set out by the central governing framework as well as by the entire government.  Guided by the Educators’ Board it provides the formation of the Public Service employees at various stages of their career.  

It will devote equal importance to its research arm as it does to the training and development function. Research sustains the enhancement and effectiveness of the development programs as it supports the analysis of policies, training and research needs of the public service, the people, as well as the country.  Research is for this reason imperative to ensure ​that IPS retains its position as the heart of the improvement of the public services.