The Institute for the Public Services (IPS) issues ALL programme/course certificates in digital form on the blockchain. The blockchain certificate is available and easily accessible via the Blockcerts Mobile App which can be easily downloaded on a mobile or on a tablet.  The certificates can also be downloaded as a pdf document, but the wallet gives you the facility to have all your certificates in one place.​​​

Once you successfully complete a Programme or Course with the IPS, you will receive two separate emails from “IPS Certification”.  In the first email, you will be invited to download the Blockcerts Wallet App.

If you do not already have the Blockcerts Wallet App on your device you can look for it on Google Play Store or App Store. The installation of the Blockcerts Wallet app is now optional, but it is highly recommended so that all credentials received from the Institute for the Public Services are saved in the Blockcerts Wallet App.

Once the Institute for the Public Services issues your Digital Credential, you will be notified by a second e-mail from “IPS Certification” with the credential attached. It is of utmost importance that this e-mail is stored from your end. It is recommended that the e-mail with the attached credential is forwarded to your personal e-mail account, to have a backup of your credentials for future use.

To add the certificate to your wallet, click on Import My Credential from the smart phone/tablet where the Blockcerts Wallet App is installed. You can then open the e-mail received from “IPS Certification” on your laptop or desktop and continue to save the .json file received as per instructions in the e-mail.
For more detailed information and further assistance you may refer to the following guidelines:


Should​ you require any further assistance feel free to contact us at [email protected]