IPS Training Information on myPortal

​​​Who can access myPortal?

All public officers can access myPortal.

How to access myPortal?

MyPortal can be accessed from https://myportal.gov.mt/​.  Sign in using your e-ID, CORP or iLearn account and then click on the Training tab.

What information on IPS training is available on myPortal?​

The “IPS – training” tab in myPortal shows the list of courses that you have attended for and those courses for which you are booked to attend.  There is also the record of attendance and result obtained where applicable.

The “IPS – waiting list” tab provides information on applications for courses which have been accepted by IPS but for which you have not yet been assigned a date.

What does “Partial” in the Attendance Column mean?

When a course is made up of more than one session, that is held over a number of days, and the participant does not attend for all the sessions attendance is marked as Partial. 

Is information of IPS training courses attended in past years available on myPortal?

Training data presented on myPortal includes information on training courses/ programmes attended in recent years. It is planned that information on other courses attended in previous years is included in the future.