The mission of the Institute for the Public Services (IPS) is that it ‘seeks to identify and develop the full potential of Public Officers through research, training and development’.  Training and Development, as a major function within IPS, aims to foster and, where appropriate, provide training and development activities and approaches which help the Malta Public Service to deliver economically, efficiently and effectively, policies and programmes which meet the requirements of the government and the citizens of Malta.  

The overall aim is to institutionalise training in and for the Malta Public Service. In other words, IPS exists not merely to run training courses, but to make training an integral part of the management of Public Administration as well as regulate the training function. Responsibilities include the capacity building of public officers and in improving the image and esprit de corps of Government organisations providing them with the necessary skills to be able to deliver an efficient and effective service to the public.

The Institute applies various methodologies when delivering training including classroom training, workshops and practical training.  Recently IPS stood up to the challenge presented by COVID-19 and shifted most of the training online.  IPS took the opportunity to use this online experience to explore e-learning further and take its previous activities in this field to another level.  

Apart from offering a wide range of programmes for new recruits as well as incumbents, Training and Development also offers customised training which caters for specific ministry and departmental needs.  IPS staff are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs as well as organise the sessions on your behalf where necessary.

For more information you may refer to the FAQs​, or get in touch with IPS on: 2200 1884 or [email protected].