What is the Institute for the Public Services and what does it do?

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Where is the Institute located?

The Institute is in Floriana at the former Public Lotto Department premises, a short distance from the Police General Headquarters in the direction of Sa Maison. See the Contact Us page of this website for the Institute’s address and other contact details.

What courses does the Institute offer?

The Prospectus can be do​wnloaded from here.

The Training for Industrial Grades leaflet can be downloaded from here​.

Who can apply for the Institute’s courses?

The Institute’s courses are normally open only to public officers (Government employees). In addition, courses usually have a target audience. Applications may not be accepted unless the officers who apply are within this target group. Public officers may apply on their own initiative, subject to approval by their line manager (see below), or they may be nominated by their line manager.

Ideally, staff should attend training after a training needs analysis has been carried out within their organisation. A training needs analysis should concentrate on how an organisation is performing and how it should perform; the skills and abilities of its workforce and whether they are related to the organisation’s needs; and what individual employees are actually doing, and what their duties should be in relation to the overall performance targets of their employing organisation.

Training needs should therefore be analysed primarily for the organisation as a whole, secondly for groups or units with particular functions, and thirdly for individual employees. This will make it possible to establish the areas and priorities for training and the form of training to be adopted.

How can one apply for a course?

Application Forms are available on the IPS website.  Applicants for the Entry to Senior Management Level Programme are to fill in the online application form while the standard form  should be filled in for all the other courses.

What is the cancellation fee?

IPS courses are normally free of charge for public officers. However, each course carries a cancellation fee which must be paid if an applicant who has been accepted for the course fails to attend without giving a valid reason.

Each course has its own specific cancellation fee. Please check this before applying.

The standard application form requires applications to be supported by the nominating officer. Who is the nominating officer?

The nominating officer should be the applicant’s line manager, whose role it is to ensure that the training is relevant to the applicant’s work and to approve the application if he or she is satisfied on this count. The nominating officer may nominate staff for training on his or her own initiative if he or she considers the training beneficial to the organisation.​

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