​​This prospectus outlines the training programme of the Institute for the Public Services (IPS).   It provides a list of training programmes and/ or courses that are aimed at furthering personal and pro​fessional development of Public Officers. 
It is divided into sections which give details about the training which is applicable to the various sectors of the Public Service. Other sections are dedicated to academic training and sponsorships as well as training in relation to key Government initiatives. It also provides a list of additional training programmes or courses that you could decide to follow in order t​o further your personal and professional development. IPS also offers guidance and support in other initiatives not captured within this prospectus, which are more customised according to the needs of your entity.​​​
The IPS Prospectus is also published as a leaflet which can be accessed by clicking on this link.

​​A GUIDE to the Prospectus​​​

The Prospectus, is in total divided into nine (9) different sections which are also colour coded to make a distinction between one section and another.

Section 01 is dedicated to mandatory induction programmes for newly recruited officers.   

Sections 02, 03, 04 and 05 include programmes and courses which are grouped according to grade and career progression. When you look up the section pertinent to your grade or career stream you will find the induction training which is mandatory and other courses to further develop your skills in the grade. 

Section 06 provides a list of additional training that you could decide to follow in order to further your personal and professional development.  This Section offers several standalone courses covering a vast range of areas such as People and Resource Management, Finance and Procurement, Customer Care and ICT.

Section 07 focuses on training related to career development paths and specialised training in various areas and programmes.

Section 08 is dedicated to academic training and sponsorships.   More information in this respect can also be found on the website of IPS​.

Section 09 provides information on what is customised training, together with a number of examples and on the application process for customised training .​

Application Periods

IPS communicates the opening of applications for programmes and courses by issuing  a circular and/or through other means of communication​.
Moreover, when browsing through the Prospectus website you may note that some of the Programmes – such as the Induction Programmes –  are not open for application, but IPS receives the list of candidates which are required to attend for such training from the applicable entity.

How to Apply

  1. Choose the programme or course which is relevant to your grade and to your career advancement.
  2. Add the course to 'cart' by clicking on 'Interested to Apply' (a maximum of 10 courses can be added).
  3. Checkout – when checking out you will be asked to select dates and confirm your choices. Courses may become unavailable while you are browsing since the system works in real time and other potential participants may have taken up the remaining places.  In such cases, you have to select waiting list instead of the dates.
  4. For those courses where you will be requesting an exemption you are required to fill in an exemption form.
  5. Your direct manager will receive an email to consider your application (as per Directive 8.1 prior authorisation is not required for Public Officers who are in Scale 5 upwards).​
More information on how to apply, can be found in the Guidebook which can be accessed by clicking here.

Binding Standards

All course participants are bound by the Binding Standards governing Participation in IPS Courses and Programmes issued by IPS and which can be accessed by clicking here​​.

​Please feel free to contact IPS in case you find any difficulty at whatever stage of your application on: 2200 1884.

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