​​The mission of the Peopl​e Support and Wellbeing Directorate is to ensure that those working within the Public Administration may find support in various forms throughout their careers, in a variety of disciplines including mental health, employment conditio​ns and work dynamics, as well as career guidance.


The Public Service recognises that its employees are a valuable resource and it aims to provide the required support with the objective of strengthening their effectiveness and efficiency at their place of work and supporting their wellbeing.


The services offered by the People Support and Wellbeing Directorate are primarily divided into three units:


  • Employee Support Programme


The Employee Support Programme provides a wide range of free and confidential support services to public employees designed to assist them in managing their work and life difficulties, which, if left unattended, could adversely affect their work performance and quality of life. Apart from offering professional help on an individual basis, the Employee Support Programme regularly organises initiatives such as training sessions, conferences and seminars. The Unit is also in constant contact with those in managerial positions to identify and support employees in distress. This includes dealing with employees who are lacking efficiency and motivation, who show behavioural problems, have drug/substance abuse issues, or who are returning to work after long illnesses.


  • People360


People360 provide a service which assists in employee issues, including organisational, human resources, people management, and physical work environment concerns. Its key objectives include streamlining human resources processes, enhancing employee engagement, ensuring compliance with regulations and developing a performance-based culture.​