The PSC Disciplinary Regulations, 2023, which came into effect on 1st October 2023, while retaining the delegation of authority currently exercisable by Heads of Department, focus on simplifying the exercise of discipline through further devolution of powers and doing away with unnecessary or duplicate processes. The new regulations also emphasise the upholding of transparency and fairness in the course of disciplinary proceedings. The most significant measures in this area are, amongst others, the introduction of new time-frames for Heads of Department to take action with a view to limit the length of time required to conclude a disciplinary case; and the possibility for the officer charged to submit an appeal or representations in all stages of the disciplinary process.

Consonant with Government’s endeavour towards simplification, a manual was created to assist Heads of Department, HR Managers and public officers in the processing of disciplinary cases in line Departments. The manual, which was issued by virtue of Directive 11, seeks to assist these officers in their task to manage disciplinary cases, whether resulting from a disciplinary or criminal case, in accordance with the PSC Disciplinary Regulations, 2023​.

The People Relations Directorate serves as the point of reference to guide and assist departments regarding issues related to discipline, and exerts a monitoring role to ensure compliance across line Ministries.

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Click her​e​​​​ to download the Public Service Commission Disciplinary Regulations, 2023.​​​​