The mission of the People Relations Directorate is to provide support and advice on human resources management, particularly in the sphere of people relations; to formulate, launch and monitor policies which seek to adapt the workforce of the Public Administration, and the Public Service in particular, to modern management methods, and make it capable of responding to the programmes of government and the needs of the public.


The People Relations Directorate plays an important role in the formulation and streamlining of policies related to the conditions of employment of public officers. The Directorate serves as the main focal point to line departments on matters regarding conditions of employment, allowances, disciplinary matters, special leaves,​ work-life balance measures and modern work practices. Adherence to the policies is ensured through continuous compliance checks carried out in line Ministries.

The role of the People Relations Directorate is complemented with the services offered by the One-Stop-Shop for Public Officers and the Grievances Board, ensuring that support is provided holistically to public officers from one single place.  The services offered by the One-Stop-Shop for Public Officers and by the Grievances Board are as follows:​ 

  • One-Stop-Shop for Public Officers:

    This Unit serves as a centralized point of reference to all Public Officers seeking assistance or information regarding their employment with the Public Service. The One-Stop-Shop provides guidance and support to public officers on areas related to various issues regarding their conditions of employment with the Public Service, such as special leaves, promotions and progressions, allowances, career guidance, work-life balance measures and modern work practices.

  • Grievances Board:
    The Board is tasked to investigate cases submitted by Public Officers regarding issues related to but not limited to, breach of rights related to the career and the conditions of work of public officers, discrimination at the workplace,​ and bullying and harassment.

As part of its remit to provide support to public employees, the Directorate is also responsible for the administration of the Central Leave Bank, which is a mechanism to assist public employees with donated vacation leave when they are going through difficult times owing to serious humanitarian problems. ​